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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Odesk Wordpress Test Answer

1.       Question start with WAHT

1.       What is the default path for the theme files in the version 2.5.1 deployment kit?
    a. <root directory>/wp_content/themes
    b. <root directory>/themes
    c. <root directory>/wordpress/themes
 Odesk test answer  d. <root directory>/wp-content/themes

What is the difference between include_once and require_once with regard to handling failure?

Odesk test answer a. include_once just produces a warning and require_once produces a fatal error  
b.include_once produces a fatal error and require_once just  produces a warning include_once and require_once cannot handle failure

What is the main purpose of the Password Protect feature in the version 2.5.1?

a. To protect the style sheet from editing
b. To protect moderation of posts
c. To protect insertion of posts
Odesk test answer d. To protect posts from being displayed to users who are not registered

What is Blogroll in WordPress?

a. It is the categorization of blogs according to tags.
Odesk test answer b. It is a collection of links to various blogs or news sites
c. It archives the blogs according to the date of posting.
d. It displays the long blogs using paging to avoid scrolling.
e. None of these 

What is the function of widgets in WordPress?

a. It is used to display the site in proper design.
b. It is used to create a sitemap of the site.
Odesk test answer c. It is used to add additional components to the site. 
d. It helps in easy and fast searching.

What is the amount of free space available in a free blog, for storing uploaded files and images?

a. 2000 Megabytes
Odesk test answer b. 3000 Megabytes 
c. 1000 Megabytes
d. Unlimited storage

What kind of information do cookies store in WordPress?

Odesk test answer a. Information about the logged in user 
b. Information about Comments
c. Information about New Posts
d. Information about Pages visited recently

What is Domain Mapping in the case of

a. It is a method by which you can increase the domain reach of your free blog by a paid upgrade.
b. It is a method by which you can apply Domain Maps of your WordPress blog by a paid upgrade.
Odesk test answer c. It is a method by which you can replace the '' name with your own domain name via paid upgrade. 
d. None of these

 What is the main functionality of Akismet plug-in?

a.It is used for spell check.
Odesk test answer b.It helps in spam control. 
c.It creates themes.
d.It is used for generating automated posts.

What is the function of Blog Stats in

a. It provides the total number of page views of the blog.
b. It provides the list of the links (referral URLs) from which the people have visited your blog.
Odesk test answer c. It provides the list of posts which have received the most traffic. 
d. It provides the ranking of the posts in terms of page views.

What are OpenIDs in the case of

a. These are free ID's given by WordPress as open invitations.
b. These are IDs given for free login to WordPress.
Odesk test answer c. These are registered users blog names which can be used to login to different sites. 
d. None of these

What is the purpose of the 'Meta' widget in WordPress?

Odesk test answer a. To show Meta-Tag information about the website 
b. To show the 'Log In' and 'Logout' menus
c. To show the 'Admin' page link
d. To handle RSS Feeds

Question Start With   where, when, how

Where can Google Adsensebe integrated into a WordPress blog?

a. Only in the sidebar.
b. Only in the header
Odesk test answer c. Anywhere. 
d. Only in the content.

When are Actions triggered in the version 2.5.1?

Odesk test answer a. When a post is published 
Odesk test answer b. When a theme is changed 
Odesk test answer c. When a page is displayed 
Odesk test answer d. When a new user registers 
e. When a month changes

How can notices be turned on in the version 2.5.1 index.php page, programmatically?

a. define('WP_NOTICE', true);
b. define('WP_DEBUG', false);
c. define('WP_NOTICE', false);
Odesk test answer d. define('WP_DEBUG', true); 

How can the font be changed on a WordPress theme?

Odesk test answer a. By changing the CSS files. 
b. By changing to a theme that already has the desired font.
c. A theme's font cannot be changed.

How can a logo be placed on a WordPress header?

Odesk test answer a.Manually add the logo to the source code. 
b.Upload a new logo in admin settings.
c.Update the logo path in the config file

How can author information be displayed on posts on a multi-author blog?

a. By enabling the feature in the config file.
Odesk test answer b. By enabling the feature in admin settings. 
c. By changing the theme's source code.

How can you "hook" a new function into the version 2.5.1?

Odesk test answer a. add_action ('hook_name', 'your_function_name', [priority], [accepted_args]); 
b. add_action ('your_function_name','hook_name',[priority],[accepted_args]);
c. New functions can't be hooked
d. None of the above

Question start with Which 

.Which of the following constitutes 'Permalinks' structures in the version 2.5.1?

a. Day and name
b. Month and name
Odesk test answer c. Numeric
d. Alphanumeric
Odesk test answer e. Custom Structure

Which of the following version 2.5.1 components or modules is not activated by default?

a. Akismet
b. Avatar Display
c. Comments Moderation
Odesk test answer d. All of these are activated by default

Which of the following User Roles are defined in the version 2.5.1?

Odesk test answer d.Moderato 

Which of the following are the differences between and

Odesk test answer a. In, you can upload themes and plugins but in, you cannot upload themes and plugins. 
b. In, you can upload themes and plugins but in, you cannot upload themes and plugins.
c. In, you can alter the code file of the Theme Template but in, you can alter the CSS code file only.
Odesk test answer d. In, you have to manually upgrade the software and take backups whereas in, automatic software upgrades and backups are available.

Which type of media files can be uploaded to

Odesk test answer a. .wma  
Odesk test answer b. .jpg  
c. odt
d. doc

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